Welcome to the DYOR.me Social POAP Gallery

Collecting all this POAP gallery will give you special access to community groups and more entries in raffles.

Random Genesis POAP
Twitter Follower
Youtube Sub


Referral POAP Gallery

Vivid NFT
Revolut NFT
Crypto NFT
Binance NFT
Curve NFT
Celsius NFT
Verse NFT

POAP is Proof Of Attendance Protocol, wich means that you can get a NFT (Non Fungible Token) as a proof of attendance. Bookmarks of your life.

The ways a POAP can be used for are ilimited because just gives a "memory" to your address. Most of them can grant you access to a private telegram group or discord server, being used as free participations on raffles like the ones on poap.fun, or have an airdrop (free coin distribution) because of the community you are part of. 

The delivery of the POAP will be through xDAI chain that runs over Ethereum (Your ETH public address will be all you need)


Every Social POAP from this gallery will have their own Attendance conditions, so just be nice and active as usual 😊

Yes. Will be events where you will win a POAP token for attendance.

Soon will own a decentraland land 👀

Art is created by mochi.li